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Established in 1911, St Clair Surf Life Saving Club were one of the very first surf life saving clubs to patrol in New Zealand.

The club has been providing a continuous volunteer service focused on saving lives and preventing injury for St Clair beach users and the wider Dunedin Community for over 100 years. St Clair has always been Dunedin's most popular swimming beach and it's busy all year round, especial on the warmer days attracting swimmers, surfers, walkers and runners.

Club members patrol our beach on the weekends from late October to early March each year, with additional patrols rostered through the Surf Lifesaving professional life guard squad on weekdays over the school holiday time.

As well as providing a valuable community service, St Clair has also had a constant presence in Surf Sports events. Numerous St Clair members have stood on the medal dias at the nationals including winning the first ever female 6 person alarm title in 1944. On average, every season, St Clair Surf Lifesaving club members will assist thirty members of the public with various incidents at St Clair Beach and its surrounding environs.

Currently St Clair Surf Lifesaving Club has an active patrol roster of 70 with a total club membership of over 300. Our club is located at St Clair Beach on the northern end of the Esplanade offering a prime position in the heart of the St Clair community.

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