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The St Clair Poles - Coffee Table Book

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One morning in July 2022 a listener to our show broke the sad news to us that the last pole in the St Clair beach groyne had been washed away. In the following days, thanks to the power of social media, hundreds of people were sharing their personal photos of the poles with us. The photos were so spectacular we had the idea to preserve them forever in a book. The same stormy seas that claimed the poles also forced the cancellation of the St Clair Surf Life Saving club’s annual fundraiser, the Polar Plunge. So, we thought profits made from this book would help fill that fundraising void. Thanks so much to the hard-working team at Speedprint for turning this idea into a reality for us - especially Tina who dedicated so much of her time to the project. Thank you to everyone who contributed a photo - and thank you for buying it. Enjoy! Callum & P - The Hits Dunedin PAYMENTS. Please note if your payment fails to go through please check your email. You will receive an invoice, please follow the payments link in the invoice to complete your purchase. Thanks you. Please note: All orders will be 'delivery only'. No pick up from the club option during our off season.

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